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Accessible holidays for abilities & Budgets


We understand and we're here to get you going...

With our own personal experiences of disability and the problems that can cause while travelling, we have the required knowledge and understanding to make sure things work for you. Two of our directors have a combined 107 years of experience as disabled travellers, and between them have covered half the Globe from UK and Europe, from Asia to Australia, USA, Mexico and beyond.

We can offer a wide selection of amazing accessible holiday destinations and activities
that you finally can enjoy!

The travel and holiday options we offer include, package tours, independent travel advice and services, mobility, such as specialist vehicles with ramps, wheelchair rental, electric power assist and range disability care and equipment.

Or we can simply guide you to accessible hotels and holiday villas.

Book your next holiday with a wheelchair traveller.

Go, Anywhere on Wheels, with us

We WILL get you there, but first we need your help

Planning wheelchair accessible travel arrangements is more complicated than just a click on a button. Our service is customised to each client (you) and your individual needs. So the first step is we need to get to know you.

To help us understand your needs desires and limits we need you to complete our “Accessible Globe Traveller” Questionnaire. This will provide us with more information about you, your experience as a disabled traveller, your preferred destinations, your special needs and requirements and how feasible your expectations maybe.

This will enable us to create the perfect travel experience for you!

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Accessible Globe is a leading Australian based mobility impaired travel support company made to help everyone ‘move around life with confidence’.


The vision of the company is to enable the mobility impaired community to go “Anywhere on Wheels”.

Mission Statement

“At Accessible Globe, we work to help as many disabled people as possible improve their lives, by making it easier more realistic and feasible, to plan, buy and enjoy holidays and activities, both locally and internationally. We do this by seeking out accessible venues, destinations, events, services and information, which we distribute to the market via multiple platforms, media. Channels.”

The company conceives and creates customised accessible tours and holiday packages for leading travel companies to offer alongside their standard travel offerings.

Rodney Gothe and Roger Warner from Accessible Globe, meet with Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism, discussing disabled tourism in Thailand.

The company conceives and creates customised accessible tours and holiday packages for leading travel companies to offer via they travel businesses along side their standard travel offerings.


We produce information videos, using a “run and gun” filming approach, to promote mobility impaired travel to the disabled community. We distribute these information films via our website, a web streaming v-blog called Anywhere on Wheels, TV, Youtube and social media..


The goal of these TV programs is to increase awareness and the confidence of mobility impaired to travel as they learn about what its possible to do even in a wheelchair.

Rodney Gothe and Roger Warner from Accessible Globe, meet with with Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism, to discuss improvements regarding Disabled Tourism in Thailand.

Anywhere on Wheels is also developing a subscription based peer review rating app for mobility accessibility. The Anywhere on Wheels app will enable users to learn the accessibility of local venues and beyond.

The, Anywhere on Wheels app, will also connect users with community minded businesses who provide discounts for day to day living as well as significant one off purchases which makes living with a mobility impairment much more affordable.

Meet our team

We a powerful group of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals with experience of disability and travel. From customer services & online marketers to board directors, we are all passionate about improving the lives of disabled people.


Rodney Gothe


Rodney (Rod) Gothe is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director. Rod has the experience of being born with Cerebal Palsey. He began his career in commercial radio and later moved into travel for the mobility impaired community. For 10 years he was a travel guide and co-founder of Neverland Adventures, creating unforgettable moments for people who where terminally ill or severely impaired – bunji jumbing in Australia, landing helicopters onto glaciers in New Zealand and parasailing in Bali.

Rod’s life goal is to remove obstacles for the mobility impaired community so that everyone can live life with confience and dignity.


Stephen Swann


Stephen (Steve) Swann is the Chief Financial Officer. Steve is a CPA accountant who has worked in the accounting sector for 12 years for a number of large multinational companies in the mining and construction industries. He has worked in management accounting, financial accounting, business analysis and senior management roles. He joining the team in May 2017 and plays a key role in financial operations, risk management, strategic direction and corporate governance. He is also responsible for ensuring the company vision is aligned with operational cash flows and capabilities.

Steve has also worked in many unpaid community roles and understands the great need in the sector for affordable and accessible travel and greater engagement with the community.


Stefan Kovachev


Stefan Kovachev has been active in the information technology industry for over a decade. Having worked on a large number of diverse projects he possesses skills and knowledge throughout the whole spectrum of software and web development.

Stefan has degrees in both software development and business administration, and is serving as a chief technology officer for Accessible Globe and its undertakings.


Joe Minnegal


Joseph (Joe) Minnegal has been in the Travel and Airline industry for the past 42 years. He is the Managing Director of Helloworld Travel Hervey Bay and Fraser Coast Air Services who are the GHA contractors for Qantaslink Hervey Bay, Qantas Freight Hervey Bay and Startrack Next Flights Hervey Bay.

Joe was a director of the Tourism Fraser Coast Board for 11 years (and was chaiman for 7 of those years)x He has been a member of the Harvey World Travel Franchise council as a director and member representative and has been on various Council and Chamber of Commerce advisory groups representing the Aviation and Tourism industry.

Joe has been the president of the Rotary Club of Hervey Bay and has engaged with many disability groups due to family and work and understands intimately the challenges faced by this sector.


Roger Warner


Roger broke his neck aged 15, in 1973, as an incomplete quadriplegic he has 45 years experience of dealing with the obstacles to access around the world. He had a  successful career in advertising and publishing corporations, before becoming an Internet marketing entrepreneur in 1996 employing disabled people and winning government awards for supporting and developing handicapped employees.

Having travelled extensively around the world himself, his dream as long been to create opportunities for other disabled people to stretch their own horizons and venture far beyond their comfort zones, to achieve happy and exciting experiences and therefore memories that last a lifetime.