The ‘Anywhere on Wheels’ accessibility rating app is available on Apple iPhones and iPads, with Android phones and tablets coming soon. The quality of information and the ease of use makes this the simplest and most comprehensive accessibility rating app available. Built by the mobility impaired community for the mobility impaired, the app consists of access rating information, users can rely on.


The App is currently only available from the App Store Australia, but we are launching it Worldwide in May 2019 and it will be available on Andriod in June 2019.

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The app allows users to rate locations against the characteristics and needs of different types of mobility support. Mobility support categories include walkers, manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters, allowing users unique experiences to be shared with others.


Super Users

We recognise the need to ensure that accessible information is of the highest quality. Once we identify someone as an experienced and active user, they can choose to become an, Anywhere on Wheels ‘ambassador’, with extra rights and privileges. Super Users can fix information they know is wrong, their contributions ensure that the app community has the most reliable and accurate information available.

Disabled community built platform

Users update information in real time

Different mobility support categories

Reliable accessibility information


The App

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