Everyone wants to travel but sometimes things get in the way… like a door or a bed. Sometimes people get it wrong and unfortunately this can be very bad when it comes to travelling with a disability. We have taken the pain out of accessible travel by identifying accommodations that best suit your needs. Using the Accessible Accommodation Rating Standard (AARS) we rate accommodation for a broad range of accessibility ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ giving you a good understanding of the level of care you will receive when you arrive.


Carers on vacation

We are working with different carer organisations around the world to provide quality, affordable carers to help you and your family have a holiday. We match you with a carer who would like to ‘go on holiday with you’.

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If you are looking to do more than just book accommodation we have prepared a bunch of great packaged holidays for you and your family that are fun and accessible. We work out solutions for flights, transfers, hotels and activities. If you have your own ideas we can work with you to customise your perfect holiday. Contact us to arrange a consultation over the phone or a referral to an affiliated mainstream travel agency near you.


Accessible tours

If travelling is a new thing or if you just want someone there to keep an eye on you an organised accessible tour can be just the ticket to having an amazing life changing experience with not stress. We have developed tours that are fully accessible to all types of disability and care needs. The tours we provide are of high quality and will be remembered for the rest of your life. Contact us for more information.


Rated accessible accommodation

Full board accessible group tours

Free independent accessible travel

Carer travel companions available


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