Anywhere on Wheels TV has created a brand new weekly program called ‘The Spin’. It is a web-based 30-minute show covering all things in relating to accessibility. The hosts travel to different destinations and have a great time discussing the latest interesting news and events relevant to everyone, but specifically people with disabilities. Not only this, but they also manage to convince celebrities to ride around in an electric wheelchair. It’s a good laugh and definitely worth the watch every week.
Other programs 
We have the dream to make our very own disability travel series visiting places all over the world. If you would like to help us achieve this or if you know a place we should go please contact us.
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If you have enjoyed The Spin and wish to help contribute to its ongoing production we would love your help. Your support makes the world of difference to us as we grow. Please contact us if you are able to help.



We are offering Major and Minor sponsorship options for supportive businesses. We are eager to work with our sponsors to find interesting and entertaining ways to have fun with our show. If you would like to learn about our sponsorship options please contact us.

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